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July 18th 2019

Murray Reade moving on from The Lion Foundation                                                                                                             

Well it is not easy to announce this but I’m sad to say that our CEO, Murray Reade has decided it’s time for him to move on from The Lion Foundation and pursue some new opportunities for him and his family.

Murray joined The Lion Foundation in 2013 at a very challenging time. For a variety of reasons its performance was poor, and team morale was low.  Since then Murray has overseen a rebuilding of the organisation from the ground up focusing on the development of a great team with a community focused high-performance culture. Productivity has improved over 30% and returns to the community have increased for the last three straight years running. I think one of the most striking aspects of Murray’s leadership has been his tremendous ability to grow and develop people and build a terrific team. His steady leadership and undoubted mana helped install a resilience into the organisation that has seen its steady progression through some very challenging years. He leaves The Lion Foundation in great heart.

While the Board is very sad to see him go, I know he goes with all our very best wishes and gratitude for a job extremely well done. Thank you, Murray. It has been great working with you and your achievements speak for themselves. You have made an outstanding contribution to The Lion Foundation.

His departure is not a surprise to the Board. Murray signaled his desire to explore another opportunity some time ago, so we have had the opportunity to plan this transition process well in advance. To ensure it appoints the very best candidate available to replace Murray, the Board has initiated an external search and encourages internal candidates to apply.

In the interim, I’m grateful that Tony Goldfinch our Regional Manager for the Central and Southern Regions has agreed to step up on an interim basis (commencing next Monday 22nd July 2019) pending a permanent appointment.  Murray has agreed to provide transitional support for such period as is necessary. The date and time of a suitable farewell for Murray will be advised in coming weeks. 


To improve the transparency of grant making, new disclosure requirements have been brought in under s.110 of the Gambling Act. The Lion Foundation welcomes any move to improve the visibility of decision making, which is particularly important given all grants are made up of community money. The Lion Foundation’s required Grants and Community Interests information can be found here:

S.110 Grant and Interests Disclosure 2018-19

S.110 Grant and Interests Disclosure 2017-18

S.110 Grant and Interests Disclosure 2016-17


The 2016 annual Grants List has been released and shows all the great causes that The Lion Foundation have supported over the last year.

2016 Annual Grants List


It’s been another busy year for the team at The Lion Foundation, below is a copy of our annual report for 2014/15

2015 Annual Report


The Lion Foundation latest annual grants list has now been released, outlining our full range of community partnerships for 2014/15:

2015 Annual Grants List


The Lion Foundation has recently spent the final portion of the $5m allocated toward the revitalization of Christchurch following the 2011 earthquake. We are extremely proud of our role in the regions recovery and believe this has been $5m well invested into deserving community causes. Full details can be found here:

Press Release – EQ Recovery Fund


The Gambling Amendment Bill (No 2) passed into law on 24 February 2015. It introduces changes for the things that grant recipients and venue managers must do.

For venue operators, it will include the following changes:

  • Gaming machine profits must be banked directly into the societies bank account
  • A new duty for venue managers to assist problem gamblers where ongoing issues exist
  • Venue staff will be able to request full details from a person who wishes to self-exclude
  • An expanded test for “key person” suitability

For grant recipients, it will include the following changes:

  • A new duty on grant recipients to use grants for the specific purpose it was granted

If you are a venue operator and you would like more information on what this law change will mean for you, please contact your Lion Foundation account manager.