The Lion Foundation follows a very clear funding strategy that has been in place for many years and is designed to ensure we can reach as many New Zealand communities as possible.  The Board of Trustees reviewed the current criteria, methods, systems and policies on the 29th April 2013 and decided that the current broad based funding strategy and policy remains extant in seeking to achieve the allocated percentages for funding as follows: Community 30%, Health 15%, Sport 40% and Education 15%.

Funds raised in your community go back to your community.
Our aim is to return around 90% of funds to good causes in the local community and region in which they were raised. The remaining 10% goes towards national grants that benefit communities right across the country.

We fund a huge range of good causes.
The Lion Foundation's funding policy is structured to ensure that many different community causes can benefit. Funding is shared between the areas of community, which includes arts, culture, heritage and environment (30%), health (15%), sport (40%) and education (15%).

community funding

We work closely with a huge number and variety of community groups across the country with one single objective in mind - to help Kiwis make a difference in their community. Rather than simply issue cheques and walk away, we take a keen and active interest in the activities of our grant recipients to make sure the outcomes benefit the wider community.

Single annual applications.  Due to ongoing pressure on funds available for distribution as grants The Lion Foundation is encouraging groups to adopt a single application per year approach in order for us to distribute support as far and wide across New Zealand communities as possible and to encourage planning and prioritising of items being requested by groups. Please allow at least eight weeks for consideration and a decision. There are no close off dates for applications.

Salaries.  Due to ongoing pressure on funds new salaries are not currently being considered for support.

Capital Projects.  Due to ongoing pressure on funds major capital projects will be considered on an exceptional basis only, however contributions towards fixtures, fittings & refurbishment may be considered.

Multi-year funding.  Changes to the Gambling Act have been introduced that make multi-year funding permissible for trusts, subject to certain conditions and the availability of funds.  For detailed information please visit the DIA website.  For the vast majority of community groups the change to the law will not impact on them greatly; however The Lion Foundation will consider the merits of a multi-year funding arrangement on an exceptional basis, principally for projects requiring major levels of financial support.

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